We want to make your time spent at Commodore Casino as entertaining and rewarding as we possibly can. We developed G-FED rewards so that it would benefit every player, no matter what their playing style. If you play just a little, you can benefit from G-Fed reward points.  If you play a lot we have some special VIP & High-roller rewards.


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Many players have made Commodore Casino their home.  We wanted to recognize their continual support and that is why we developed G-FED Elite. G-FED Elite is a program that measures your participation and rewards you over and above any of the regular published promotions and rewards. We have given our G-FED Elite members gifts such as cash prizes, cruises, vacation packages, gift baskets, I-pods and cell phones. We have a great relationship with the members of our G-FED Elite club, below is just a sample of the feedback we get on a weekly basis about this program.