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Game Details

The object of our Scratch and Win card game is to obtain a winning combination of symbols by removing the card's scratchable surface. You can stake a bet from 5 cents to $5 for each game round (US$ version). Wins are indicated at the paytable and at the 'PAID' window on the completion of each game round. Winning totals vary depending original stake for that game round and on the symbols matched. If a 'FREE CARD' is won in a game round, the balance is not reduced by the original stake for that round.

How To Play

First select a card style from the Scratch & Win card preview at the bottom left. Clicking the “?” button will result in a card being randomly selected. Select your stake by using the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ button. Choose how many cards to scratch and then hit ‘PLAY’. Use your mouse pointer to scratch the card or remove the surface instantly by hitting ‘Scratch All’. For 2 cards or more, you can opt to use the ‘Auto Play’ button. The icons you uncover will be shown in the pay table right away. All winnings will be credited immediately and the paytable will highlight all uncovered symbols.

Game Buttons

STAKE VALUE - +: Decrease or Increase the value of your game stake
NUMBER OF CARDS - +: Decrease or Increase the number of scratching cards you wish to play
SCRATCH ALL: Remove all of the stretchable area at once.
AUTO PLAY: Play the amount of games as shown at NUMBER OF CARDS automatically (2 games or more only)
PLAY: Commence the game round.
?: Randomly select a Scratch and Win card game type.
PAGES: Displays the Game variants at the preview area as held at that page.